It's just the way I am.

I'm nothing..

.. without you.


Es ist jetzt zu spät, um Erklärungen zu finden. Es ist alles nur Bauchgefühl. Spontan und verletzend, aber wenigstens ehrlich. Hoffe ich. Ich fühle mich gerade nervös und leer. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass es so ein kribbelndes Gefühl der Leere überhaupt gibt. Und ganz aufrichtig: Ich könnte sehr gut ohne dieses widerliche Gefühl leben.

quote: me.

21.12.08 12:27


Save me.


Memphis and me talked about you. Memphis said muh muh muh. And I don't know what she wants from me. I never know what she wants. She reminds me of you. I'll never know what you want, too.

quote: me.

14.12.08 13:16


So you're taking these pills
For to fill up your soul
And you're drinking them down with cheap alcohol
And I'd be inclined to be yours for the taking
And part of this terrible mess that you're making
But me, I'm the catalyst

When you say love is a simple chemical reaction
Can't say I agree
Cuz my chemical, yeah, left me a beautiful disaster
Still love's all I see

So I'm taking these pills for to fill up my soul
And I'm drinking them down with cheap alcohol
And you'd be inclined to be mine for the taking
And part of this terrible mess that I'm making
But you, you're the catalyst

You'll be the vein
You'll be the pain
You'll be the scar
You'll be the road, rolling below
The wheels of a car
And all of the thoughts, oh god
Don't know if I'm strong enough now
You'll be the vein
You'll be the pain
You'll be the

lyric: anna nalick - catalyst (one of my favorit songs)
14.12.08 00:52

Where are you?

How to save a life?
13.12.08 12:26

The Kill

Come break me down
Bury me, bury me
I am finished with you
Look in my eyes
You’re killing me, killing me
All I wanted was you

lyric: 30 seconds to mars - the kill

12.12.08 19:42

Baby, don't you break my heart slow..

I like the way you'd hold me
Every night for so long baby
And I like the way you'd say my name
In the middle of the night
While you were sleeping

You would run around and lead me on forever
While I wait at home still thinking that we're together
I wanted our love to last forever

lyric:  vonda stephard -  baby, don't you break my heart slow

pic: don't know

I wish I could understand myself better, maybe than it would be easier for you, too. Maybe than I could be a better person for you. I'm not good. And I'll never be good enough for you.

quote: me.

11.12.08 18:35

Savin' us.

You're tearing us,
You're breaking us,
You're killing us,
You're saving us.
pic: don't know.
Why do we sit around and break each other's hearts tonight?
Why do we dance around the issues 'till the morning light?
When we sit and talk and tear each other's lives apart.
You were the one to tell me go..

But you were the one for me,
And now you're going through the door,
When you take that step I love you baby more and more,
We need to laugh and sing and cry and warm each other's hearts tonight.. 
lyric: serj tankian - savin' us
10.12.08 21:33

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